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The WhatsApp Business API allows Enterprise businesses to get in touch with their clients worldwide. While implementing & using the whatsapp API can be complicated, there are now many whatsapp solution providers (BSP) who make it easy for any business and budget. Here, you'll get complete knowledge of WhatsApp API Software, the features it offers and how you can get started with WhatsApp for business through Kit19 in three simple steps.

Whatsapp Business api Software
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What is WhatsApp Business API?

From Medium to Large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with clients all over the world, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way. Get WhatsApp business api, because it enables businesses to automate communications with automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots & interactive messages.

WhatsApp Integration in Business = More Business

Kit19 mission is to automate the process of lead management software in an effective way. Get WhatsApp business api, and send WhatsApp messages directly from the PC in a simple and effective way.

WhatsApp Business API - All You Need to Know

There are many good reasons to use WhatsApp Business api - for you and your clients.

WhatsApp Business API
  • People open whatsapp many times per day. WhatsApp is the easiest, most convenient way for your clients to get in touch with you because it's already part of their daily habits.
  • Whatsapp messages see open rates of more than 95% (compare that to email, which is just 15% ). Avoid crowded inboxes and establish a direct, long term connection with your clients.
  • Whatsapp Messaging allows you to react faster to your client requests and solve questions before they put them off the purchase. That boosts your conversion rate and increases your customer satisfaction.
  • Customer service has never been easier & fun! Share text messages, emoji, images and files, whatever you want with your clients
CRM Type

Whatsapp Business Profile

WhatsApp Business Profile Account is an "official business account". These are verified by WhatsApp and add a green tick next to your name as proof of authenticity. A verification adds more trust in your communication with clients, however, only "brands" can receive it and the application process can't be influenced.

Message Tools

Have you ever thought why WhatsApp messages open rates are so much higher than email messaging? It's because the whatsapp app is still free of spam. Keeping it that way is a priority for WhatsApp. Promotional messages, spam and broadcasting (sending bulk messages) are generally prohibited in WhatsApp Business api. This includes coupon codes, gifts, upselling and cold call messages & it also applies to certain words that make a message sound promotional.But there are some more rules in place that ensure clients have an experience that's relevant and provides value.

Lead Management


You can only send messages to the customers who (1) have already sent you a message or (2) have actively consented to receiving WhatsApp messages from your organization (e.g. by entering their whatsapp number or checking a box to indicate consent).

Receive your purchase confirmation on whatsapp

Phone Number +91-9910025145

Reaching out to people who have opted-in works through template messages (more on that below).

Lead Management

Session Messages

You can easily send text messages, emoji and stickers and share weblinks, images, videos and attachments such as PDFs.

Why WhatsApp Business API is unique than email automation tools, however, is the "service window." You only have 24 hours to answer an incoming request from a customer. Customer messaging should create a direct mode of communication and this rule incentivizes resolving requests fast.

If you miss this window after 24 hours pass you'll need to ask your client for permission to contact them again with a predefined message template.

Get whatsapp business api because the Automation (i.e. WhatsApp bots ) is allowed during the service window but a handover to a human service agent needs to be available.

Template Messages

Template Messages play a major role in communication over the WhatsApp Business API. They allow you to automate large parts of your service process by sending out predefined template messages in large volumes, for example order confirmations, appointment reminders or shipping updates.

These types of messages are strings of text and placeholders for automatic personalization (e.g. the name or date). WhatsApp Business provides a selection of pre-approved template messages for common service scenarios.

You can also create your own template messages for individual use cases. WhatsApp wants to prevent organizations from sending template messages to send promotional bulk content to clients outside of the 24-hour service window. That's why all template messages need to be approved by WhatsApp before you can start using them. This process typically takes one to two weeks.

Lead Management

Whatsapp also charges a small fee for all template messages you send after the 24 hours have passed. We'll get back to that in section five where we cover costs for the WhatsApp API below

To sum it up, get WhatsApp Business API because it is especially interesting for organizations where users benefit from receiving information from a business directly. Popular examples include product brochures, ticket booking confirmation, banking messages.

Popular examples include product brochures, ticket booking confirmation, banking messages. You can also use employee tracking tool to track your employee’s activity.

How to get access to the WhatsApp Business API

Get started in three steps

Choose a solution provider.

Create your Whatsapp Business Account

Let your customers know they can reach you on WhatsApp.

The easiest way to start with the WhatsApp Business API - Kit19

Get whatsapp business api and leave your competition behind and be among the first businesses to support their clients on WhatsApp in India. Kit19 CRM is one of the best customer communication solutions in india. Reach out to us through this form if you're interested. We're looking forward to hearing from you and getting you started with the WhatsApp Business API

Grow revenue via WhatsApp Marketing api

Get whatsapp business api, and send Broadcasts to your customers list. Thanks to high deliverability and read rates, brands are seeing up to 20x ROI on WhatsApp marketing spend and 6x higher conversions than Email.

Automate WhatsApp Notifications at scale

Automate abandoned carts recovery, send order confirmation and tracking notifications, and verify cash on delivery orders, all via WhatsApp.


Amazing Features

WhatsApp Business Features:

  • Business Profile
  • Quick Replies
  • Automatic Greeting Message
  • Automatic Away Message
  • Contacts Labels
  • Message Statistics
  • Catalogs
  • Interactive Business Message
  • List Messages and Reply Buttons
  • Facebook Shops Integration
  • WhatsApp Payments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to advertise on WhatsApp?

Advertising on WhatsApp works by broadcasting messages to a bulk of users. There is also a facility to attach pictures and videos. However, WhatsApp does not allow companies to place ads on the app.

Is WhatsApp Marketing Legal in India?

Yes, it is legal in India, but there are limitations.

What is the broadcast list in WhatsApp?

Broadcasting a message on WhatsApp means to send out a message to multiple recipients at once. A broadcasting list on WhatsApp is a list of the recipients that will receive the broadcast message. So, you do not have to select the recipients every time you send out a message.

Which business can use the WhatsApp Business API?

All the businesses, from large scale like Flipkart to the smallest grocery stores, can use the WhatsApp Business API.

What content can I share with customers on WhatsApp?

One can share and broadcast messages, pictures( jpg, jpeg, png), emotions and videos on WhatsApp.

Some examples are:

  • Support Ticket confirmations
  • Appointment reminders
  • Order placements
  • Payment links & receipts
  • Delivery updates

Can I send messages outside the 24-hour window?

Yes, WhatsApp allows sending out messages outside the 24-hour window. Provided, the messages are relevant notifications such as appointments, orders, etc. Also, WhatsApp must pre-approve the messages.