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What is an Enterprise CRM?

  • An enterprise CRM is a software that consolidates customer-related all workflows on a single platform. For example, whereas a Finance CRM may collect a customer's purchase history, an enterprise CRM may also track all marketing & sales campaigns that were used to nurture the lead.

What Makes a Good Enterprise CRM Software?

Any good enterprise CRM provides you with a "360-view" of your client base as well as individual customers so that you can make informed, data-driven decisions that increase revenue while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

According to Gartner Research, good CRM providers will emphasize functionality in four critical segments within a company: sales, marketing, customer service, and ecommerce. To satisfy these, look for:

Lead Management
  • Contact management. All good CRMs will collect and organize client data. Many will also have advanced search features that handle both structured and unstructured data.
  • Customer opportunity and lead management. Tracking client interactions and the lead lifecycle helps you understand your demographics, nurture your leads, and identify the timing when customers are most likely to convert.
  • Reports and analytics tools. Real-time data helps you track your workflow while providing you with the information you need to make your future campaigns more effective.
  • Customizable screens.Tailor your workspace to the needs of your company and team.
  • Mobile apps.Let staff access your CRM on their mobile device even while they're working remotely or in the field. All good CRMs support both iOS and Android.
  • Sales and marketing functions. Automate sales and marketing-related functions, including order management and forecasting.
  • Integrations. Your enterprise CRM should easily integrate with your tech stack, including things like your data visualization tools or your ecommerce platform.
  • Cloud hosting. Eliminate the inaccessibility and inefficiencies of on-premise CRM solutions, while improving data security.
  • Customer support. You'll have questions, so make sure your provider is there to answer them.
  • Proposal Creation. Creating a proposal in an enterprise CRM can be especially helpful if you want to track how much you're spending on a project or client. By integrating with the right proposal software, you can create quotes, track time and expenses, and even accept payments.
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Automate All Your Business Processes from Leads management to Customer Support

  • Doing sales activities don't give the required results unless it is done accurately and in time.
  • To increase revenue of the organization and decrease cost, business automation is very important as it decreases human intervention & errors and improves your sales metrics. Automation facilitates inter-department coordination and thus makes work easier and faster.

Explore Maximum Potential Of Your Marketing And Sales Team With Enterprise CRM

Kit19 enterprise crm software solution offers all size companies small, medium & big enterprises with marketing, sales and customer service modules for increased productivity and sales. Interactive dashboards, user-friendly interface, multiple deployment options and easy integration are a few of the many features to call upon. Track all the data of leads management & digital marketing activities and improve your decision-making skills with Kit19 crm software. Check all the features of our software here and for more details fix a free demo.

Lead Management
Lead Management

Fully Customizable Modules

We at Kit19 Software understand that every business has different needs & goals and so we need to approach them accordingly and requirements too. Keeping that in mind, companies in Delhi-NCR are adopting our CRM solution that is flexible and scalable as per business needs. Definitely, Kit19 CRM software growth depends on the growth of our clients so our target is to help all our clients closing more deals. Kit19 also provides CRM solutions in Bangalore, Mumbai, Gujarat & Hyderabad.

Award-winning Enterprise CRM Software in Delhi-NCR, India

Lakh of businesses all over India are using Kit19 CRM Software to manage all their complex business operations from leads management to customer support. With over 10 millions customers present nationally & across the globe, Kit19 CRM software continuously undergoes updates & upgrades to improve the user experience. This also makes us one of the favorite CRM solution providers in Delhi-NCR. We offer most of the modules that companies in Delhi-NCR look for in any CRM software.

Bespoke industry solutions

From fields and modules to business processes and workflows, every aspect of Kit19 Enterprise CRM can be updated to meet the needs of your respective business and vertical with ease.



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What is the Best CRM Software Tool?

  • Ease of integration
  • Customizable features
  • Scalable features
  • Additional and robust functionalities
  • Easy access to client data


  • Now, you're familiar with the meaning and importance of Enterprise CRM. However, it would help if you learned to incorporate this tool into your business operations quickly. You'll be surprised at how much it would improve interactions with your client base.