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Fast-track Your Way to Higher ROI

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WhatsApp & CRM for Businesses in Education: How Schools & Colleges can take benefits from WhatsApp Business API with CRM Integration

Messaging apps like WhatsApp became the cross-to channel for schools, colleges & institutions across the globe. With over 2 billion customers nationally & internationally, WhatsApp is the Education sector's most famous immediate messaging platform. This large user base means that educational institutes - schools, colleges can leverage the channel where most of their students are already active.

Millions of students all around the world are turning to WhatsApp to fulfill their education needs- to connect with teachers and friends, to learn remotely and increase their knowledge and abilities. On-line Sessions through WhatsApp guarantees that the quality of education isn't compromised while helping students continue their learning despite the tough time.

Lead Management
Lead Management

Benefits of using WhatsApp in the Education Industry (Schools & Colleges)

The use of WhatsApp in education industry is becoming popular, here are the reasons why.

  • WhatsApp offers seamless real-time communication between teachers and students and teachers and parents as well.
  • WhatsApp has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Teachers who don't know how to use video conferencing tools can use WhatsApp to conduct classes.
  • Teachers can provide audio, video clips, notes, PPTs and other educational resources using WhatsApp Groups & Communities.

Use Cases of Whatsapp Enterprise API for Schools, Colleges and Institutes

Lead Generation

While instant whatsapp messaging is a well-known communication channel, not many schools, colleges or institutions have leveraged its full potential for taking new admissions.

Instant Messaging is the perfect method for obtaining and sharing information with students.Instead of using your online ads, flyers or landing pages to get prospective students. Why not WhatsApp?

Lead Management

Lead Qualification

The next step following lead acquisition is qualification.

Who is this Lead - Parent or student? Where is this Lead in the acquisition funnel? Do they already have a course or certification in mind? Are they still undecided? Have they heard of your institute or school or University (perhaps they know you before) already or is this the very first time interaction?

Under other circumstances, you would need to use a live agent to obtain all of this information. WhatsApp API lets you create a chat bot that will do all that work automatically for you using an interface that not only feels natural to your leads but also communicates over mobile phones as per their convenience. Chatbots on whatsapp can easily react to inputs in real-time meaning they have power to personalize individual experience.

Lead Management
Lead Management

Lead Gen & Qualification

Whatsapp provides convenience and human connections that make it perfect for one to one conversation to generate & qualify leads. Instead of nurturing Leads through landing pages or online ads, schools or colleges can redirect them to share relevant information through direct, two way communication. Such conversations are more likely to garner access to prospects that institutions can follow up on to increase registrations and enrolment.

Engagement Campaigns

With a whatsapp chatbot, schools or colleges can keep in touch with prospective students interested in a course, workshop or degree and gently move them towards conversion. They can send regular updates, announcements, notifications & keep them interested with rich media, quizzes, games etc. without being too aggressive towards sale, they can keep leads active and engaged even if they are not ready to convert now.

Sometimes potential students aren't ready to take the course immediately. However, you can't discard these leads. After all, they have shown interest in your service be it a certificate, diploma course, or a degree.

You can use WhatsApp messages to keep in touch, send regular updates, news and keep their interest alive in your business. This is your chance to be creative and re-engage your leads in a more instant and creative way that social media marketing sites are meant for.

BSL, an online language school, ran a WhatsApp engagement campaign that sent leads weekly challenges. If the users completed them successfully & won the challenge, they would unlock a free speaking session with one of their faculties. It helped the Institute keep the prospective students active while reminding them of the benefits of studying with them.

Lead Management

Student Retention & Relationship Management

Whatsapp Edtech chatbots make it easier for students to reach the school or college & ask questions. Staff can send regular updates and personalized messages to check in on students and update them on new events. Moreover 24*7 availability lets students feel important and cared for, which helps create positive relationships that improve student retention and engagement.

Prioritize Customer Service in Your Relationship Marketing Strategy.

As the name implies, relationship marketing is all about relating to your clients in a good manner. It means offering personal support as well. Relationship marketing is quite essential as it helps business organizations develop meaningful connections with their customers, necessary for retention and loyalty. Best Customer service for the product should be the main focus in all aspects of your business model, as it shows that you care about the customer's needs. Research proves that the most important factor in student retention is the quality of the institution courses and faculties as perceived by the student-customers. Quality Education also bears considerable influence on many aspects of loyalty such as the received value, trust, and emotional commitment. Simply making sure the people operating your chatbots or customer support are friendly, courteous, and helpful isn't enough. A proactive, personal approach to client's service goes a long way in terms of client retention, and your consumers will appreciate the personal touch for your brand.


This tool to relationship marketing can often be difficult to implement, so first consider all the customer service issues your business faces. Following this proactive approach to client's service will solve some problems from the get-go and present your product brand as more user-friendly.

Using WhatsApp messages to connect a strong bond with students and so retention, allows you to provide personalized services at scale. Furthermore, it ensures students feel a constant "presence" on a trusting channel.

Increasing use of social media in our day to day lives has made developing close relationships with clients through relationship marketing strategies increasingly important.


Post-Study Re-Engagement

  • Secure returning Students (clients)
  • Support current students (Guidance, internship &, career advice)
  • Enhance Teaching Quality (Feedback)
  • Improve your profile (word-of-mouth marketing)

Application Process

Schools or Colleges can use WhatsApp to keep applicants up to date about the status of their application, instantly or even schedule personal meetings with parents or students when necessary.


Registration & Enrollment

Once an application is approved and payment is made, here comes the enrollment process.

Student registration can be very time consuming & stressful. Most of the time, all the new students need to be enrolled within a short period of time prior to the course.

WhatsApp can simplify this process.

Student Support Services & FAQs

A chatbot can deal with answering the basic queries of students and concerns about courses, tuition fees, payments, financial aid, exams, certificates & counseling etc. The best way to avoid any confusion is to be available online with all the necessary information. While FAQs and landing pages, online knowledgebase and videos are always a great way to inform students, an interactive WhatsApp chatbot for Edutech can make student support service even more responsive and robust.


Timetable Updates

WhatsApp is a great way to share the course schedule and test series schedule & also send instant updates about last minute decision changes, cancellations or rescheduling anything.

Announcements & Notifications

Send Announcements & Notification Messages with Whatsapp Templates. WhatsApp Highly Structured Messages make this app a perfect channel to share news and announcements.


Extra-Curriculars & Clubs

School or college clubs can use WhatsApp chatbot to create groups where the club members can discuss the upcoming activities. WhatsApp Business API also allows you to create official group chats for different groups. It's perfect for arranging club meetings and creating a sense of community.

For example, in college you could have individual groups for different extracurricular activities and games and then an overall community covering everything of school life.

Community admins can then share messages over whatsapp and have control over which groups can be included.

The feature is useful for close-knit communities to have private conversations on the app.

Simplify administrative & Support Processes

Schools & Colleges can use whatsapp based Edtech chatbots to automate application processes, registrations & enrolments, keep them updated on status. A chatbot can help students apply for a course, submit documents & complete enrolment. It can assess applications, keep them updated on status & even schedule personal interviews or meetings to simplify the process & reduce stress for both students & staff.

Students support services can also be automated with whatsapp. It can support students with issues & FAQS related to legal, administrative , financial, accommodation, health etc. Providing fast and automated responses to common questions can take some of the burdens of human staff. If the queries become too complex, it can seamlessly handover conversations to a human so that the student can continue the interaction with minimal friction.


Re-engage Alumni

Once a student completes a course & gets a degree. College can connect with them via a whatsapp chatbot. They can send placement updates, or information about new classes and ask them to mentor current students.

Signups, Registrations & Cancellations

You can easily use WhatsApp for announcements or any upcoming event. However, if it requires a signup or a registration you can take things a bit further. Students who have interest can simply reply to the message to save a seat at an upcoming event or the response can launch a bot to collect the required sign-up information from students.


Feedback Collection

Given the ability to create chatbots, you can easily carry out the survey via WhatsApp. The bot can easily collect the responses from students. You can use a message template for the same.

Course Communications - Notifications

Send information

Manage the class

Help students to stay up to date no matter what


Accessibility to Learning Materials

WhatsApp allows you to send documents without hassle in a classroom but also at an institutional level. Teachers and Professors can use the official course/class chats to send the learning materials.


Another great feature of WhatsApp is learning by using the group chat to establish a culture of teamwork. Creating a group between the students enables them to share information with the professor as well as each other. Setup the Teamwork API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Chat API for WhatsApp API.


Quizzes/Daily Challenges

With Quizzes & Daily Challenges, you can make sure that students remain engaged in studies as well as improve the perception of the quality and value of your courses.

Proactive communication

Have you heard that WhatsApp now allows more types of proactive messages and that's awesome news for your business! It means that you will be able to serve your clients more information they choose to receive.


Nowadays more & more students want education online, schools & colleges need to have a solution to meet students there. WhatsApp, with its popularity and intuitive interface, can do exactly that and WhatsApp is going to be a major enabler in the process.