Single Platform to Manage Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Business Communications and Staff Productivity

Auto Lead Capturing

Auto Lead Capturing

  • check B2B Integration
  • check Mail to Lead
  • check Social Media Integration
  • check API's
  • check Webform to Lead
  • check Call to Lead
  • check Google Integration

Enquiry / Lead Management

  • check Enquiry / Lead management
  • check Create customized Fields
  • check Click to Call / SMS / Mail / Whatsapp
  • check Auto Assign Lead
  • check Lead Enrichment
  • check Lead Activity
  • check Lead Scoring
  • check Hidden Fields / Masking to mask lead’s confidential information
Enquiry/Lead Management
Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management

  • check Create customized pipelines and stages
  • check Visual Pipeline to drag and drop leads across stages
  • check View Estimated revenue each month
  • check Track lead’s progress towards stages
  • check Filter leads based on expiry dates, closure dates, sales executive etc

Sales Goals

  • check Define sales goals based on Conversions / Invoices / Pipeline
  • check Assign sales targets to user/ team
  • check Track users’ / Teams’ progress on given targets
  • check Define multiple targets based on revenue / no. of closures etc
  • check Filter goals based on currency, pipeline stages or products
Sales Goals
Field force management

Field force management

  • check Real Time Location tracking
  • check Shifts/ Roaster / Attendance/ Leave management
  • check Rules to manage any kind of field agents
  • check Appointment management
  • check Expense Claim Management
  • check Custom forms for check-in/sign in
  • check Check-in / geofence / compliance breach alerts
  • check Geo verified sign in / meetings
  • check Team Collaboration/Comments for meetings
Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

  • check Unlimited Customized IVR Flows
  • check Real Time Personalization in Voice
  • check Multilingual Voice Support
  • check Call to Ticket
  • check Call to Lead
  • check Virtual Call Center
  • check SMS / Mail Integration
  • check API's
  • check Voice Broadcast

Task & Appointment Management

  • check Customized Follow ups
  • check Assign a Task to Individual
  • check Assign Meeting to Individual
  • check Assign a Meeting to Group
  • check Collaborate by adding comments / files to tasks
  • check Track Result of Each Task
  • check Track Result of Each Appointment
Task & Appointment Management
Quotations, Invoices, Payments & Ledger

Quotations, Invoices, Payments & Ledger

  • check Create/Clone/Print/Download Quotations, Invoices & Payment receipts in seconds
  • check Set reminders/notifications for due quotations/invoices
  • check Share via SMS, Mail, Whatsapp
  • check Customize themes, Labels, notes, everything!
  • check Convert Quotations to Invoice in one click
  • check Accept online payments
  • check Supports Multiple branches
  • check GST Compliant
  • check Track all history including Customer actions of viewing/accepting/requesting revision
  • check View / Print Customer ledger

Elevate Collaboration with Team Chat

Introducing the Enterprise Collaboration Module you've been waiting for – Team Chat by Kit19. This feature empowers your team's communication and collaboration in ways you've never imagined:

  • check Chat, voice call, and video call with your colleagues effortlessly.
  • check Create dynamic groups for Branches, Territories, and Teams.
  • check Conduct group chats, calls, and video meetings.
  • check Reach your entire team with one-to-many broadcasts.
  • check Have full control over user permissions.
  • check Share documents, contacts, location, audio, videos, and more.
  • check Seamlessly exchange leads, inquiries, tasks, appointments, and events.
  • check Access call and video recordings for a comprehensive overview.
  • check Automate repetitive tasks and event reminders with bots.
  • check Create public groups to broadcast company announcements.
Elevate Collaboration with Team Chat

Break down communication barriers and boost productivity with Team Chat – your new secret weapon for successful lead management!

Online Meetings that Define Convenience

Welcome to a whole new level of lead management! With Kit19's latest feature, conducting online meetings with your leads and enquiries has never been easier. Our Online Meetings module lets you:

  • check Seamlessly organize one-on-one meetings with your prospects.
  • check Host engaging webinars to showcase your expertise.
  • check Collaborate with your clients effortlessly.
  • check Record meetings for future reference.
  • check Chat, take notes, and share screens/documents during the meetings.
  • check Set up recurring meetings, making scheduling a breeze.
  • check Create public webinars to boost your brand visibility.
  • check Customize registration forms for a personalized experience.
  • check Restrict participants based on your criteria.
Elevate Collaboration with Team Chat

Unlock the power of virtual engagement and take your lead management game to a whole new level with Kit19!

Elevate Collaboration with Team Chat

Docs Library: Your CRM's New Best Friend

We understand the struggle of digging through desktops and the inconvenience of being away from your files when you need them most. That's why we've introduced the Docs Library in Kit19, your CRM's new best friend:

  • check Store files, documents, and resources right within Kit19.
  • check Access your catalogs, presentations, price lists, logos, and more from anywhere, anytime.
  • check Seamlessly integrate these files into your Kit19 CRM workflow.
  • check Eliminate the need for constant back-and-forth between your desktop and CRM.
  • check Stay productive, even when you're on the go.

Say goodbye to file-hunting frustrations and welcome an organized, efficient workflow with Kit19 Storage. Your files, your way!

Kit19 AI Tool

  • Do you struggle for good content everytime you want to send an attractive mailer or a message to your customers? Or when you want to write a contract or a formal legal agreement but the lawyer asks for a handsome amount? Or may be when you just want to write a warning letter to your employee ? Or maybe an article for digital marketing?
  • If you find yourselves in these situations, then this tool is here to ease you of many worries. Creative connect for digital marketing or formal agreement, Mathematical calculations or even language translations, this tool will answer your questions and even entertain you with funny jokes.
  • Grammar correction, summarizing or detailing , this tool can do just about everything, if it has to do something with words.
  • With its super easy interface, you can use the predefined templates or create any custom scenario that fits your needs. Featuring 4 levels of AI advancement, it is capable of carrying out simple operations and solving complex algorithms alike. And it is definitely your go-to thing if you want results fast.
  • Say goodbye to your content writer who charges you hefty and delivers in a day.
  • Use Kit19 AI tool and get your job done in a jiff at a fraction of what you pay.
Kit19 AI Tool


  • Workflows are a set of operations that you follow to achieve a particular objective. These operations can be time critical and required to be followed in the same order in order to get the desired results. Often these processes require an involvement of more than one person or departments to work in sync which becomes difficult in real life scenario and makes them prone to failure. This leads to choas, productivity loss and wrong business decisions.
  • Automating repetitive workflows makes them more reliable and measurable. Kit19's visual drag and drop workflows make it easy for you to build multi step workflows and review their results for making better decisions. Being able to use the results from the previous steps in all subsequent steps and condition based execution of the steps takes away the pain of remembering and logging all outcomes manually. With over 100 triggered CRM events or a customized schedule to invoke your workflows, and actions comprising custom webhooks, you just have to do one more thing: Saying goodbye to chaos while the workflows do their stuff


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Mobile App

  • check Track Field Staff
  • check Lead Management
  • check All Call Tracking
  • check Notification
  • check Track field staff's location
  • check Set on field/off field to enable/disable tracking
  • check Get real time location reports
  • check Get historic location reports

Ticket Management

  • check Custom Support Portal
  • check Multilingual Support
  • check Mail to Ticket
  • check Call to Ticket
  • check Webform to Ticket
  • check Customized Feedbacks
  • check Ticket Dispatch Automation
  • check Event Based Notification
  • check Custom SLA
  • check Custom Roles
  • check Detailed Report
Ticket Management Tool

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  • check Predefined Eshop Template
  • check Product Variants Customisation
  • check Pre Integrated Online Payment
  • check Multi Currency Support
  • check Multilingual Support on Pages
  • check Customized Product Views
  • check Customized Discount Coupons
  • check Product Video Support
  • check Event Tracking & Notification
  • check Loyality Program
  • check Personilzed pages
  • check Vendor Management
  • check Stock & Inventory Management
  • check Manual Order Punching


  • check Embed web form
  • check Use as Pop-up
  • check Drag & Drop Web Forms
  • check Predefined Templates
  • check Web form to Ticket
  • check Web Form to Order
  • check Personalized Web Form
  • check Web Form Tracking
  • check SMS / Mail / Voice Integration
  • check Host on Self Domain

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landingpage Management

Landing Pages

  • check Drag & Drop Landing Pages
  • check Predefined Templates
  • check SMS / Mail / Voice Integration
  • check Multi Currency Support
  • check Personalized Landing Page
  • check Landing Page Tracking
  • check SMS / Mail / Voice Integration
  • check Host on Self Domain


  • check Event Triggered Campaigns
  • check Run a sequence of activities when an event is triggered
  • check Run a sequence of activities when an event is triggered
  • check Scheduled Campaign
  • check SMS / Mail / Voice Campaigns
  • check Advance Campaigns
  • check Webform to Ticket
  • check Group Based Campaigns
  • check Google Adwords Campaign
Campaign Management

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers

 Short URL Management

Private Short URL

  • check Unlimited Visit
  • check Used In SMS Tracking
  • check API's
  • check Dynamic Destination URL
  • check Customer Domains
  • check SSL Certification

SMS / Mail

  • check Personalisation
  • check Scheduling
  • check Pre - defined Templates
  • check Tracking
  • check API's
  • check Flash / Unicode
  • check SMS to WhatsApp
  • check SMS to Mail
  • check SMS to Call
  • check SMS with Insta Connect
SMS/Email Management

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Social Media Integration Management

Social Media Integration

  • check Integrate facebook pages and facebook forms with Kit19
  • check Capture all digital and social media leads through web forms
  • check Auto lead capturing
  • check Auto lead creation and assignment
  • check Triggered SMS/Mail/Connect to agent
  • check campaigns on lead creation
  • check Integration link with Youtube
  • check Integration link with Twitter
  • check Integration link with Instagram

Control access and activities with Roles

  • check Use predefined roles or create custom roles for your staff
  • check Hierarchy allows to control access of records
  • check Permissions to allow / disallow almost all activities
  • check Granular control over each entity and activity
  • check Visual drag and drop hierarchy
  • check Audit user’s activity (coming soon)
Control access and activities with Roles
Digital Management

Digital Identity

  • check A Beautiful, Dynamic Page
  • check Complete Profile on Internet
  • check Used for Entire Marketing Everywhere
  • check Used or Adding New Customer

Whatsapp Messenger

  • check Connect with over 2 billion users worldwide on their favourite platform
  • check Integrate Whatsapp business API
  • check Import contacts
  • check Send and recieve free chat messages during Customer Care window
  • check Create multilingual templates
  • check Send Notifications messages outside customer care window
  • check Multi user support
  • check Automated replies
  • check Automated lead/enquiry mapping
  • check Automated Lead creation and assignment
  • check Send auto prompts to users to extend customer care window
  • check Create auto chat at various lead activities like conversions, task completion,ticket
  • check creation/resolution etc
  • check Bulk messaging broadcast
  • check Chatbot integration
whatsapp Automation

Whatsapp Automation

  • check Create automation rules based on user details / message
  • check Reply vis text, image, doc, video, snippet or template on Whatsapp
  • check Create and run a sequence of activities when a user initiates chat
  • check Send SMS / Mail / Voice / Run webhook
  • check Capture user’s input in lead details

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