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Campaign Management Software

In today’s online business, marketing campaigns or sales campaigns are the most sought after methods for communicating with your customers and getting new leads for your business growth. A campaign can be described as a series of activities which are linked to a specific business goal and a definite plan of action with pre-specified frequencies.

Campaigns help us to organize our marketing strategies which usually find a back seat in normal marketing activities. These campaigns help to entice and attract your leads to your business products and services. Marketing campaigns include SMS/Mail/Landing pages to be sent to new prospects and clients intermittently and automatically.

automated campaign creator

Campaign programmes are of great help when you are launching a new product, when you want to educate your new prospects about your business or you can simply use it to maintain a cordial relationship with your loyal clients.

Our kit19 helps you to run customized campaigns based on your requirements such as campaigns for your business niches, campaigns based on demographic factors such as age, gender, and occupation etc.

These campaigns can be run within a couple of minutes and are time triggered which help them to run on your client’s page at set intervals. Client’s data collected through these campaigns can be sorted out and more relevant SMS/Mails can be made to run for your customers which improves sales efficiency.

automated campaign creator

Here are a few important features of our Sales campaign which you can get with our kit19 software business package.

Simple Drag & Drop Mailers/SMS

With our kit19 tool sales campaign programme a user can create beautiful mails which are a simple drag and drop method eliminating the requirement of any technical know how required for any software coding.

Here with our beautiful and simple free templates one can design professional grade mails and enterprise mails according to ones business needs. Sending of economical SMS to your clients is also facilitated through our SMS campaign tool where you can send SMS to your clients with links attached.

automated campaign creator

Personalization of Mails and Messages

With our campaign programme, the user can personalize the mails and SMS for respective clients. Personalization of messages allows the user to send only the relevant data(information) to their clients based on their varying needs thus prompting the buyers to move quickly on sales process.

Personalization of messages can be done in accordance with client’s taste, age, gender, geographical area etc. The entire client data belonging to a particular category is maintained in separate subscription lists and promotional campaigns are applied thereafter.

automated campaign creator

Prospects Segmentation

Prospect segmentation is one of the most important features of our Campaign Tools which allow the user to gather data from their website visitors and sending them relevant data based on their requirements.

A client’s entire data can be maintained in a separate subscription list and further Drip Campaigns are made to run thereafter. This helps you engage customers and helps you save precious time.

automated campaign creator

Nurturing leads through Drip Campaigns

Lead nurturing is of utmost importance for any sales campaign and it helps you to warm up your leads. Drip marketing campaigns allows the user to send automated emails/SMS to your prospective leads at set intervals of time.

These automated campaigns allow the user to drip down messages/mails to their leads instead of sending all the messages at once. Drip Campaign is one of the most powerful tools for lead management and saves you quality time looking for qualifying leads.

Nurturing leads through Drip Campaigns

Tracking of SMS/Mails sent

kit19 allows the user to keep a record of all the emails and messages sent. A user can easily track all the emails/messages sent to their leads. You can easily check who opened up the mails and who clicked on the links sent through SMS. You can further use this information to send more targeted messages with luring offers.

Here is an info-graphic of the campaign created through our kit19 :

Tracking of SMS/Mails sent

Sales campaign is a great strategy which uses planned activities to nurture leads and finally converting them into customers. The time limits imposed on sales campaign through messages motivate prospects to promptly move up to sales ladder.Sales Campaigns is a powerful engagement tool which keeps your visitors attracted to your business and sales activities and it should be used more frequently for getting more leads and thus increasing your sales graph.