Dynamic Webforms Creation Software

A webform is one of the biggest assets for any relevant business website which can be used to get input from prospective clients and can enhance your relationship cordially.

Web forms can allow you to collect relevant data for your business directly from your website visitors without the need of exposing your e-mail address to the world. Web forms are of great help for lead generation when you have inbound sales and therefore it is sometimes also known as web to lead forms.


The data gathered by these dynamic web forms can be easily fed to the online CRM for further lead nurturing or it can be maintained in a database separately. Apart from lead generation these dynamic webforms can be used for online surveys, greeting your clients, or invitation to your clients etc.

These webforms can also help you announce your further business activities to all your website visitors and can simply be embedded with a downloadable attachment and a payment gateway.

With our kit19 business package, the user can create free and simple webforms with beautiful webforms templates as to one’s heart needs.


The available templates can be used to create professional webforms matching your requirements either for lead generation, online surveys or a simple feedback form to check your client’s response towards your business.

We will now talk about some of the important features of generating dynamic webforms through our kit19 tool.

Build free responsive webforms

In our kit 19 tool, user can easily create professional webforms according to their needs .the free responsive webforms creator allows you to generate beautiful webforms with a simple drag and drop options.


No technical knowledge needed

A user can create dynamic HTML forms by fusing text fields, check boxes, radio button etc. These responsive HTML form created can be made smarter with special effects by the use of Java scripts. A user can also create responsive JavaScript forms in a website which enhances the form with validation capabilities.

Get leads directly to your kit19 online CRM

You can unleash the power of webforms by simply integrating your web forms with our online CRM where any lead captured will directly be sent to our CRM tool, where you can verify, approve and then automatically assign leads to your sales representatives for further sales and tracking process.


Collect lead details through webform pop-up plugins

A user can use pop-up forms for collecting lead details and feedback for their products and services by simply embedding a pop up form in their website. At kit19, the user can simply insert a plugin to their existing website which can help them create advanced webforms for their online visitors in a couple of minutes.

You can also create a free type-pad web form for your blogging and media businesses. A user can create their free type-pad online webform and after publishing it, you can simply copy the webform and embed it on their website.

The user can also integrate Wufooforms on their website by simply embedding the generated software code. Wufoo is a great web-based form generator which can be easily customized into your website, blog by simply pasting the code.


Connect your Webform with web hooks

Connecting your webform with webhooks helps you create live connections for your webforms which is very helpful in event registration forms. Webform hooks enable other modules to intercept events within webforms such as the completion of webform, submission of webform or adding data validation.

The dynamic webform created through our kit19 webform generator supports web hooks. The user can send all the form data to a custom script on your server. A user can simply copy paste the URL to the script location and then can manage the lead input in any way they wish.


Integrate webform with downloadables and payment gateways

The free webform generator can also be integrated with downloadable file for your web visitors .A user can simply attach the webform with files such as eBook which can be easily downloaded.

Our dynamic webforms creator also allows for easy integration of payment services in all your webforms created so that you can directly get paid for your services mentioned in your webforms.

A best dynamic webforms should be one which initiates lead actions and lead participation. The webforms shouldn’t be annoying or disturbing to the website visitors .The webforms should be clear, simple and trustworthy which can engage your website visitors.